This Hotline Will Text Creepy Dudes Back Anonymously

What do you do when your bad date wants a second date? In online dating, there are guys to avoid. This article lists five types of guys to avoid. You can use one of the numbers below to escape without having to reject or disappoint the person on the spot. And you don’t have to worry about them spamming you with unwanted calls or texts. For ease of use, we sorted the numbers by location. Note: If you can’t find a number with your area code, you could always make up a story of why you’re using a “foreign” number.

Dating hotline

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Check out some of these “Fake” numbers you can give to give that guy a special message. – Rejection Line – The person calling.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks for your number and, while you don’t want to give out your digits, you don’t have an exit strategy. Through a constant need to be nice, many people will fold and instantly get bombarded with phone calls from the person that couldn’t be denied. However, there is a very simple solution—funny phone numbers. These funny numbers to call have the appearance of a regular phone number, but the message on the other side is anything but.

Now that your interest is peaked, many of you may be wondering how to get your hands on these funny numbers to call. In this guide, you will learn what a funny phone number is, whether you are eligible to call these funny numbers, and then a list of 10 funny numbers to call will be provided. By the end of this guide, you will have a plethora of fake numbers to hand out to people you’ll never see again. While the concept of funny numbers to call sounds interesting, many people are still left wondering what a funny phone number is.

Everyone could use a little light-hearted comedy in their life and, with a funny phone number, this can be accomplished. Meant as a prank, these funny numbers to call send the dialer to an unexpected destination. From a number that is filled with rejection comments to a bad breath notification number, you can pretty much find a phone number for all occasions. Most importantly, these phone numbers are real, which means that the dialer will hear a voice at the other end.

A “person” will answer the phone and give the caller a funny message. One of the best things about funny phone numbers to call is that they are accessible to anyone.

This Rejection Hotline Lets You Safely Turn Down Creeps

The rejection hotline is a service begun by Jeff Goldblatt in the early s. The phone message on the original line then suggests that rejection may have occurred because the person has bad breath, body odor or a combination of the two, and give several other potential reasons for rejection. At the end of the message, people are enjoined to forget about the person who gave them the phone number, since that person has already forgotten about them.

Though Goldblatt initially began the rejection hotline as something of a joke, he was also inspired when he watched a woman attempt to spurn the advances of a would-be suitor.

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This Hotline Will Text Back Creeps So You Don’t Have To

Most women have been in a situation where someone has asked for their number and, while it is often a nice thing, rejecting an overeager or creepy guy can come with a lot of fear. Some men will see you as a challenge and try to change your mind, while others might even become hostile. If they call the number — a US number they will reach a voice message, and if they text it they will receive a reply one hour later — giving you enough time to flee.

While it is admittedly frustrating that a service like this needs to exist, it is an all-too-common scenario that many when experience when they go out. And though it might not be a solution, it does take on the burden of letting insistent guys down, so that you can do so without feeling vulnerable.

Seems a lot of places are running out of numbers to give out. Thiazin Red • 2 years ago. I know someone who bought a phone on vacation just so.

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Ditch the Fake Digits and Give Guys This Number Instead

Have no fear, a fake number to give creepy dudes is here! You have the website The Mary Sue to thank for this service. They created the eponymous Mary Sue Rejection Hotline for people who were sick of giving incessant, insistent strangers their actual number.

Looking for a way out when someone asks for your phone number? Give them the number for the rejection line and let them hassle an automated SMS to Web.

And if you want another one. Now you can make that number and give an unwanted suitor a digital dose of wisdom. People who text the Feminist Phone Intervention line will get an automatically-generated text with a quote from bell hooks, the pen name of feminist author and activist Gloria Jean Watkins. There’s a link for donations on the hotline’s Tumblr page — part of the cash goes toward paying the phone bill, and the rest will benefit The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

The organization said it was aware of the phone line but did not start the project. Not because they do not see it, but because they see it and they do not want it to exist. Words of wisdom? But we’re not convinced these texts convey the real message: I’m just not that into you.

Give These Numbers Out When Someone Creeps On You

When someone you’re not into asks for your number, sometimes saying no isn’t that simple. Some just take that as an invitation to try to change your mind. Others might give you a hard time over it by calling you a tease or worse.

However, because even most creepos know better than to call, they’ll also receive the same message if they text the number. While calling the.

Welcome to the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline. Good riddance, loser! It works via text too. If a guy texts you instead of calls you, as most prefer to do, the service still works. The same message will be sent to his phone as a text message. Pretty clever, right? Although there have been other rejection hotlines in the past, the Mary Sue one is the first to provide advice for creepy men on how they need to check their behavior and treat women better. Some men can really be persistent, rude, and insulting.

Sometimes, the only way to get through to someone is with these kinds of services. Women are feeling unsafe.

THE Rejection Hotline® ( )

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The Rejection Hotline