How to break out of relationship anxiety

Being in a relationship can make a person self-conscious in many ways. It can be understandable to some degree since people want their relationship to work out. But to achieve a healthy relationship, you must learn how to stop overthinking in a relationship. The problem occurs when the mind goes wild. Overthinking and overanalyzing may be counterproductive when people start developing a false image of their partner, themselves, and the relationship itself. The anxiety and paranoid overthinking can lead to conflict. If left unchecked, may ultimately end the relationship. As mentioned, overthinking makes people susceptible to false assumptions. It distorts the image of what the relationship is in reality.

9 Things You’re Probably Overthinking About Dating

Posted by Sandy Weiner in dating in midlife , single women over 40 2 comments. Are you a chronic worrier? Do you overanalyze everything people say or do?

How To Stop Overthinking, Especially When Dating Someone New, If you’re focused on what has happened, what should be happening.

Being in a relationship that you hope will lead to something long-term can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. When you think you’ve found “The One,” you’re going to do all you can to make sure they’re really it. Sometimes, that can unfortunately lead to a little bit of overanalyzing and overthinking on your part. When you’re overthinking in a relationship , nothing good ever really comes out of it. But according to experts, there’s no need to worry too much. There are effective ways to stop it.

According to Dr. Smerling, overthinking can do more harm than good. In fact, too much overanalyzing can cause anxiety in your relationship. Take infidelity for example.

5 Ways To Stop Yourself From Freaking Out And Ruining A Good Thing

I run because I am so extremely terrified of falling head over heels for someone and getting the rug ripped out from under me. The second I feel like a relationship could work out, I start thinking about the reasons why it shouldn’t. I can’t even explain the way he talked or the way he examined the world around him. All I can tell you is I’ve never witnessed anything like it before.

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As human beings, I think we have this unrelenting need and desire to break everything down. We want to simplify and master our processes or, at the very least, understand daily concepts and challenges enough to keep our heads above water. This allows us to learn and evolve, to identify patterns and improve habits, process and technology to better suit the progression and efficiency of our lives.

Everywhere we turn, someone is trying to simplify and conceptualize the process of dating, love, sex and connection. While we can gather certain, sweeping learnings and observations from common themes or behavioural patterns, we are ultimately working with variables. If you ask me, rules are for people more concerned with the idea of romance and dating, the politics of it all, than really connecting.

Fast forward to last week, and I went on a date with someone else. Our date was no more or less impressive at face value than my date with the other man. He was kind, well spoken and well intentioned. And yet, the natural chemistry and dynamic that translates into true romantic potential, was missing. Aside from the obvious suggestion to be decent and polite, dating is not mathematical or confined to a simple science. We are ultimately at the mercy of the often unexpected proceedings of human nature and connection.

Instead of wasting mental energy attempting to study every possible rule being tossed around within the dating realm, take time to understand yourself.

Put an End to Overthinking and Self-Sabotaging Your Relationships

Our poor brains latch onto every conceivable relationship variable. Next thing you know, over thinking anxiety has stolen our joy and dipped us into a state of dating insecurity. Women know all about Feminine Overthink.

You could end up projecting those imaginary reasons on the next person you date—effectively turning yourself into an anxious.

But when our emotions and our need to know the future collide, we end up overthinking. And this overthinking can ruin our dating lives. Can I get an amen? By controlling our thoughts and simply letting the future unfold, we stop bending ourselves into a pretzel and can be who we really are. It increases our anxiety about the future, removing the joy from the unknown and exciting days of dating. Joy requires trust; I learn this more and more as I grow in my walk with God.

Releasing control requires stepping into faith, not knowing what could happen, and using our thoughts as opportunities to pray instead of opportunities to obsess. You must be logged in to post a comment. Posted by Smylinggirl on April 3, at It totally ties me up in knots!!! Part of me wants to stick it out and wait because I do like him and do want to make things work. I was happy to slow things down and not see each other as much – limit to times a week rather than like we have been to have the chance to miss each other and make those moments a bit more special.

But I feel like taking a massive step back is a complete flip!! He has been persuing. He always initiated conversations and dates.

4 Tips To Stop Overthinking While Dating

For some of us, the word sparks pure joy; we get the warm fuzzies thinking of taking our loved ones out to dinner, getting an apartment together, and truly building a life together. For others of us, the word sparks anxiety. This is a real, valid response.

And then, after that year off men—and despite being an introvert who really hates small talk and dating—I met someone wonderful. Grumpy, he’s all that I could.

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At the same time, you might find yourself constantly questioning yourself, your partner, and the relationship. Will things last? How do you know if this person is really the right one for you? This constant worrying has a name: relationship anxiety.

Maybe I should end things now before they go any further. For many of us, gone are the days of exclusively dating someone because it’s convenient. So, yeah, there’s logic behind the madness of our over-thinking minds.

There’s a good chance you’ll sabotage your love life. Have you ever started dating someone new and began over-analyzing how things are going in your relationship? Most of us are guilty of this, and search for a way to stop overthinking. Of course, this is easier said than done. In the beginning stages of a new relationship, it can be so hard to not go over everything repeatedly in a vain attempt to either gain control or divine the future.

Your decisions about your reality heavily shape what you will do next.

Dating: Over-Eagerness & Over-Thinking