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The relative acceptance of L. Photographs and Text by Ricci Shryock. But those semantics hardly encompass the vast array of identities represented here. Take, for instance, the members of the Big Mama Fountain, a tightknit group of friends for whom gender and sexuality are fluid concepts. And while it is legal to be gay in Guinea-Bissau, acceptance is a continuing battle. Leondro is the de facto godmother of the Big Mamas.

Guinea-Bissau Demographics

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Official photos, videos, athletes and medals from all Olympic Games ever held in Guinea-Bissau.

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Page 1. GUINEA-BISSAU. Date of Elections: January Purpose of independence was attained by the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. Characteristics of​.

With the country lacking educational infrastructure, school funding and materials, and qualified teachers, and with the cultural emphasis placed on religious education, parents frequently send boys to study in residential Koranic schools daaras in Senegal and The Gambia. They often are extremely deprived and are forced into street begging or agricultural work by marabouts Muslim religious teachers , who enrich themselves at the expense of the children.

Boys who leave their marabouts often end up on the streets of Dakar or other large Senegalese towns and are vulnerable to even worse abuse. Some young men lacking in education and job prospects become involved in the flourishing international drug trade. Local drug use and associated violent crime are growing. Guinea-Bissau is highly dependent on subsistence agriculture, cashew nut exports, and foreign assistance.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

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Guinea Bissau has lost more than Critically Endangered vultures in poisoning, in the world’s largest incident of vulture deaths to date.

We use cookies on government. You can choose whether or not to accept cookies. Read more about cookies. Published 21 December There have been a series of positive developments in Guinea-Bissau in the past few months. The appointment of the Prime Minister, formation of an inclusive government, reopening of the national assembly, approval of a new government program and adoption of a gender quota law.

We have also seen a strong commitment shown by the people of Guinea-Bissau in the electoral process, demonstrated by the high numbers that have registered to vote. Targeted measures to ensure the equal participation of women in the electoral process are ever still needed. We now call on the government and all parties to urgently ensure the conditions for free and fair democratic elections are now in place and that there is no further delays.

As highlighted by the Chair of the PBC, the six-point roadmap and the Conakry agreement are still valid and important. These must now be promptly implemented in full.

Guinea-Bissau election: Polls close amid fraud claims

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National Policy, Plans & Statements

Fee: Negotiable — Payable upon completion of outputs to a required quality standard on the dates agreed. Sightsavers has been working in Guinea-Bissau since and is focused on accelerating the elimination of diseases such as river blindness, lymphatic filariasis, and trachomas well as responding to schistosomiasis. The Consultant will develop a clear timeline for conducting the Landscape Analysis, including a communication plan for keeping all program stakeholders apprised of progress.

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Department of State. This is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office at the U. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal, which oversees security for U. OSAC encourages travelers to use this report to gain baseline knowledge of security conditions in Guinea-Bissau. Travel Advisory. The current U. Overall Crime and Safety Situation.

Crime Threats.

Up-to-date Conventions and Protocols not ratified by Guinea – Bissau

During the pandemic, many of our services are being offered in new ways. Directed by Flora Gomes. The camera captures Cabral’s assassination, the ending of hostilities, and the reconstruction of the economically and spiritually devastated country struggling with drought and famine. A film by Flora Gomes. Uses the device of a young woman’s search for the author of a love letter to explore the political and social environment in the former Portuguese overseas province of Portuguese Guinea, now the independent country of Guinea-Bissau.

In Crioulo with English subtitles.

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We post here the relevant reports for the power sector in Guinea-Bissau. Feel free to join our efforts and share us any other you may have found. We’d be glad to add them to the list. Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. However, vast areas of Guinea Bissau remain literally in the dark. Rural electrification has reached dozens of communities through the expansion of mini-grids and the projected construction of the national grid.

Its purpose is to share the experiences and knowledge attained throughout the life of the project with other civil society organisations. With an exploration history dating back to the s, discoveries remain elusive. Contrary to what may seem, PPPs do not have a legal meaning as they may take many forms.

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